Bunting Queen

We have specialised in making all types of bunting since 2005. Contact us today with your specific bunting requirements.

Buy Bunting

We have a wide variety of bunting ranges including:

  • garden bunting
  • wedding bunting
  • personalised bunting
  • themed bunting
  • Christmas bunting
  • Annie Sloan vinyl bunting
  • birthday bunting

Hire Bunting

We can provide a wide range of bunting designs, here is our ‘Most Wanted’ List!

  • themed bunting hire
  • wedding bunting hire
  • childrens bunting hire
  • colours bunting hire
  • party bunting hire

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CH4 7JE.

Shop: 01244 681990

Mobile: 07882 190040

Email: hello@BuntingQueen.co.uk