How much bunting do I need?

Bunting Queen’s Bunting Calculator helps you work out the total length of bunting that you will need for a marquee venue. Just type in your marquee width and length plus the number of chandeliers to be installed, the calulator will tell you the total length you need for each design.

Generally Bunting Queen recommends adding a 10% swag allowance on to the length that the bunting run is to span.

Should I buy or hire my bunting?

Bunting Queen sells or hires her bunting. You decide which option suits your requirements best. Weddings, birthdays, gardens look great with runs of cheerful fabric bunting draped around the venue. We hire your chosen bunting in quantities perfect for your venue, we can even help you calculate how much you will need – see our Bunting Calculator. Alternatively you can buy as much as you need, a perfect keepsake of the special event that can be used time and time again.

What if I can’t see the bunting design I would like to hire in the Hire House?

If you know what you want but can’t find it on our site please get in touch, let us know what you are looking for and we will quote for creating the design solution and hiring it to you.

I have found a bunting design I like in the Bunting Boutique, can I hire it?

If you would like to hire a bunting run that is for sale please get in touch and we will quote to hire it. We may have a restricted run length but will advise the total quantity available and suggest co-ordinating runs if more is required for your venue.

How much will my Hire House bunting cost?

Bunting Queen’s standard bunting run lengths are 10 metres and the cost to hire one for a 4 day hire period is £1.50 per metre therefore £15.00 per 10 metre run.  We can offer alternative run lengths should you require them, each run under 10 metres is charged at £2.50 per metre.

If I need a run of more than 10 metres is this possible?

Yes we can offer runs of whatever run length you need, for example if you need a run of 15 metres we would supply this and it would be made up of a 10 metre run with a 5 metre run attached to it.  The cost would be £15.00 for the 10 metre run, plus £12.50 (5 x £2.50) for the 5 metre run, therefore a total of £27.50.  The £2.50 per metre rate covers the additional labour involved with altering run lengths to suit your requirements.

How much is the Hire House Refundable Deposit?

To secure your booking we require the payment of a deposit at a rate of £1.00 per metre hired, for example if you hire 30 metres then £30.00 is to be paid.  Your deposit is refunded to you on the timely return of the bunting to Bunting Queen in the condition that it was received in.

How will my Hire House bunting arrive at my UK address?

Bunting Queen will send your bunting to the UK delivery address you supply us with by Royal Mail’s Special  Delivery service or a courier service.

How and when do I return my Hire House bunting to Bunting Queen?

Bunting Queen will supply a pre-paid postage bag with your bunting. The bunting is to be returned to Bunting Queen in the postage bag supplied by the return date agreed at the time of placing your order. On the timely return of the bunting, in the condition that it was received in, the deposit will be refunded to the customer using the method that the customer paid. Please refer to our Terms and conditions for more information on bunting hire returns.

For full Terms and Conditions please click here

Please contact us for any other questions and we’ll be happy to advise.