The history of Bunting

Bunting is well loved by the British public, presumably this popularity is linked to the positive association that bunting has with celebrations and happy times.  At Bunting Queen we believe that no celebration is complete without bunting!

Purple bunting by Bunting Queen
Lilac and purple bunting in the garden


In recent years, through the Jubilee celebrations, the Royal Wedding of William and Kate and the London 2012 Olympics bunting has been instated as a essential of the British party kit.

Fabric Union Jack Bunting
Quality handmade fabric Union Jack bunting by Bunting Queen

Bunting is defined as ‘festive decorations made of fabric, plastic, paper or cardboard’ by Wikipedia and typical forms of bunting are listed as:

* strings of colourful triangular flags

* lengths of fabric in the colours of national flags.

Bright Coloured Plain Fabric Bunting
Bright and zesty coloured cotton bunting handmade by Bunting Queen

There is also a naval reference associated with bunting, the term is used for a collection of flags particularly those on a ship.  The officer responsible for raising signals using the flags is known as ‘bunts’ – a term still used today.

At Bunting Queen, bunting comes in a wide variety of colours, materials, shapes and sizes – and we love them all!

Racing Car Bunting
Handmade quality bunting with Formula 1 Racing Cars by Bunting Queen.